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I am trying to write a Macro for logging into websites that I visit. I would like to write a general macro that will enter my username and password into the site so that I don't have to remember every username and password that I set up. I figure that if I set up one general macro I can work from there. I will set up an individual macro for each site that I want off of a template so to speak. I searched through all the commands to see if there was something to address the username or password end of it.


Can anyone guide me in the right direction on this.



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Take a look at Roboform; it's free for a limited number of logins.


I used to use ME for logging in to password-protected sites, but it's not so easy, especially if the site doesn't always require you to login.


I find Roboform indispensible, and I've incorporated it into ME in a way that is not particularly obvious! If you do decide to use Roboform, let me know if you're interested in how I use Roboform with ME.



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