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Hey everyone!


I have a real interesting question. Hopefully someone has the correct answer! :rolleyes:


I want to dynamically add macros to the PopUp Menu Builder.


For example, I want to add a macro at the end of the Popup Menu called "Add..." then a macro to give more choices. After the choice is made, a macro is added to the "context menu like list of macros".


Oh please. Can someone say "YES"?!?!?!?!?! Or is there a workaround?





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Would your answer be the "workaround" I mentioned? If so, can you please explain how to do it?


Thank you!




My mother-in-law is programming-illiterate in every sense of the word, however she works from home doing data entry.

Occasionally, she needs to enter the same ridiculously tediously long names into her Access file so she was keeping

them in a notepad and doing copy-paste work to avoid having to type names like Susquahennah-Los Pequeninhos

Drive over and over sporadically throughout the day.


I introduced her to Macro Express and simple shortkey routines. She bought the program.


Unfortunately, she can't program and the obscenely long names aren't always the same from week-to-week. I can't come

running over to her house every time she gets a new annoying name, so I built a macro for her that takes her systematically

through all the steps of creating a new macro. At first it was a simple step-by-step Text Box Display instruction format, but

it didn't take me long to see how much easier it would be for her if I just had a prompt requesting the name she wanted to

save and the shortkey shortcut she would be using for it.


Then I built the macro to Activate the ME Editor, Create a new macro, code the new text, and set the shortkey.


It's really just a matter of patiently trying to figure out how many tabs to get from one field to another, making sure the timing

is right (putting delays where necessary), and basically just knowing what it is you would do manually to create the macro, then teaching a macro how to do it.

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Thanks Steve,


Well, I tried for a few hours and don't know how to start. Any additional ideas?


If I could just get an idea of... Well... Nevermind... I am stumped...


The real question is how to add the macro without Macro Express popping up. I really don't want ME "going through the steps" on the screen. Worse case I will use AutoHotKey or AutoIt to make ME transparent while it's working through its process if no other idea comes to mind.


Do you run ME through the command line? What to do...





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If you write your macro to automate creating a macro within the editor you could then position the editor off the screen so it won't be displayed while the macro is being written. But, the editor will need to have focus and the end user will not be able to use other programs at the same time.

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Thanks Kevin!


One more question then.


On the popup menu builder, how do I get ME to highlight the selected macro when there is no hotkey to activate the list?


In other words, let's say I have a macro called "Open/Activate Word" in the list of available macros, how do I get ME to know how to highlight this selection?





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