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launching ver3 vs ver4, VISTA, problem

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addendum, after cory's note below, IGNORE the whole thing; the issue does exist, but I will work with it more, and try to clarify it.

it relates to the icons available to start the program, on right-clicking a program, to "open with"






IGNORE most of this, -

the right-click and ver.3 vs ver.4 exists,

BUT teh multiple macro's open in ver.4 were confusing me, I did not realize that the prior file, and the NEW clicked file, wer open at same time.



SO, part of below exists, but I will work more with this test this out





just downloaded ver4 update, from 4001 to 4011.

running vista business.


I have ver.3 and ver.4 macro's,

in XP, right click, see two separate icons, both state macexp.exe, but have the ver.3 icon and the ver.4 icon.


in VISTA, problem, only see the ver.4 icon, even though I went to the ver.3 folder, to start, and select (right click, open WITH).

Now, for ver.3, I have to go to the ver.3 program folder each time to start the program.



actually, right click, open with, does NOT work in vista with this. selecting either of the macro expresses opens their PRIOR file, even though I right click on a DIFERENT file and do open with.


if I DOUBLE click on the macro express files, THAT file will open up, but opens with ver.4, which is the new default icon.


I've not tested this on my XP machine, but this is just stuff I've seen this morning (probably existed before, but I did not test it a lot since I was waiting fr the ver.4 newer file, sincde my macro's crashed with the prior ver.4)





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