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Abort Macro Hotkeys Not Working.


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Hey guys, just wanting to know if anybody else is experiencing an issue with their "Abort Macro Hotkey" defined in Options --> Playback. I have used the PAUSE key as my abort hotkey for years and now on all 5 of my PC's with ME (v3.5c) it no longer works. The only abort hotkey I can ge to work is the "WIN+`" which is what I normally used as my "Pause Macro HotKey". If I set it as my Abort Hotkey, then none of the remaining available hotkeys for Pause Macro HotKey" will work.


Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this before I report a bug. It has to be a bug if I can reproduce it on 5 PC's, right???? RIGHT???? ;)

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I am not having any problems with them on our computers. We have Break set to abort and Pause set to pause. They work as expected. I reversed them after reading your post, and they still worked as expected. What is not made clear in the docs is that the Break key is actually Ctrl+Break. From the Macro Express Explained book:

If you choose Break (like what is shown in the example), you will need to press Ctrl+Break to abort a

macro. This is not a function of Windows or Macro Express; it is how most keyboards work that have a

"Pause/Break" key. Because "Pause" is printed on the top and "Break" is printed on the bottom, it seems

that to choose "Pause" you would need to press Shift+Pause. Not true! Shift is not recognized with this

key. So, if you want pause, press the Pause key. If you want break, press Ctrl+Break.

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