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Winalt+y Mark.name Copy & Find In Running Explorer


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I am often recording MP3s from internet radio stations.

To make sure, I haven't already recorded a certain song, I

open with Windows Explorer the directory of all my MP3 songs,

doubleclick on "Name" (to sort after name) and enter the first

letters of a songtitle to see, if it is already in my files.




To do this with a macro, I open the playlist of my internet radio

station, mark the songtitle coming next and start my macro with





WinAlt+Y Mark.Name Copy & find in running Explorer

WinAlt+Y Mark.Name copy&finde in geöffneten Explorer


T1= Marked Titel in Cipboard

T2= Window name - Default= "\" / Fenstername - Vorgabe "\" =T2 may be overwritten

by T98=special Explorer Name if this macro is started from another macro

Unfortunately the new WINDOWS XP design doesn't show the complete directory of an Explorer

window, e.g. D:\Word, but only "Word", so "\" cannot be used to find

a certain text

in different explorer windows and must be used starting fom another macro with T98=certain

Explorer name to overwrite  the default T2="\"


N1=PixelColor of name for sorting / von "Name" zum sortieren



Titel in Cipboard><MSD:80><IFVAR2:1:98:4:><MSD:80>


<TVAR2:02:01:\><REM2:Default Running Explorer (maybe with different name)>











My Question:

How could I change my "Activate" command, so that always the only -but not active- Explorer window

running, is beeing activated, regardless if I use the classic or the colorful WINDOWS XP design ?[

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Exactly ! Thank you very much !


If the entire directory with "\" backslash in the title is displayed, then my old activion command: <ACTIVATE2:\> works and any open Explorer will be activated, regardless of it's name.


Provided, the NAME of a song title is allways on the left, and the DATE is allways on the right margin in an Explorer window, I slightly changed my macro to find the latest, newest file with WINALT+L (for Last) - regardless of the size of the Explorer window:



WinAlt+L Last/newest file in active Explorer
WinAlt+L Letzte/neueste Datei suchen im Explorer

T99=Cipboard Content at macro start/Zwischenablage bei Makro Start

N1=PixelColor for Sorting  13160660=grey/grau for XP Classic or  im XP Design:15988986 or 16054778
N2=Window width/Fensterbreite rechter Rand des aktuellen Fensters (-30 =Date at right margin/Datum an rechtem Rand)

><MSD:80><CLIPC><MSD:80><TVAR2:99:03:><MSD:80><ACTIVATE2::\><WAITWIN2:000010:000000::\><MSD:80><IVAR2:02:09:><REM2:N2=Window width/Fensterbreite><MSD:80><NMVAR:02:02:1:0000002:2:0000030><REM2:N20N2-30 to Date/zum Datum><MSD:80><MMW2:2N,95><MSD:80><GETPX:1:W:%N2%:000095><MSD:80><IFVAR2:2:01:1:13160660><OR><IFVAR2:2:01:1:15988986><OR><IFVAR2:2:01:1:16054778><MSD:80><LDCLK><MSD:80><LCLK><MSD:80><TEXTTYPE:<HOME>><MSD:80><TEXTTYPE:<ARROW UP>><ENDIF><MSD:80><TMVAR2:16:99:00:000:000:>


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