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Plural file mystery on a terminal server

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Consider this simple example all on a Terminal Server. I create macro file A and give everyone on the machine a link to it in their startup group. All open it and I work on it for awhile as well. Now I create macro file B, open it and work on it for awhile but no user has ever opened B and no other users ever edit macros. Now some of these users mysteriously have A and B open. These users have had MEP open while I was on the same server in a different profile editing macro B.


On a couple other non TS machines I have had multiple files opened as described above as well but the circumstances under which it occurred means they can not be trusted. I only mention it because there's a chance it could happen to non-TS machines as well.


Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how this could happen?


I've spoken with ISS on the matter on and off for some time and Kevin has been helpful but if I were him I might not consider my case credulous enough, especially if I was the only one complaining. And of course it's a matter of priorities as I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Don't misunderstand I don't blame MEP as even I feel there's a strong possibility it's something I'm doing but for the life of me I can't imagine with each user using their own HKCU settings how the open file in one profile could cause MEP in another session to open a file.


I did look into the possibility of Macro Run causing the problem and that wasn't it for several reasons. So besides Load New Macro File which I don't use, Macro Run, and the startup group shortcut how else would one get MEP in another user profile to open an additional macro file?

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