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Question About Macros Locks (Locking)

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I do not know the answer but I would like to suggest you create a simple test macro. Just have one that's scheduled to run every minute and simply have it pop up a window. If you do not close the window and it keeps opening more every minute you have your answer. Let us know what you find.


If it does you don't necessarily have to lock the player. You could have it check to see if the macro is running first thing and abort if it is.

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I have a macro that runs every 15 minutes (it does some work on files in a folder). Do I have to lock the player to prevent even that same macro from running again on top of itself? Or will MacroExpress Pro know not to run that same macro again until it was finished? Thanks in advance.

My experience has been that you cannot run a macro while that macro is running from a previous iteration. Just to test the theory I did what Cory suggested and built a little test macro. My suspicions were confirmed.

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