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trying to rename a file


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This should be simple.


I am trying to rename a file.


In my macro, I am declaring a variable to be taken from the window title into %T2%. Later I want to rename the file from E:\Personal Folders\RenderedPage.pdf to %T2%.pdf after the file was moved TO E:\Personal Folders using the Macro Express "Change Directory/Folder" function. It works up until it has to rename the file.


I keep on getting an error "There are one or more invalid cahracters in the file path. I am not seeing it. Where?


Essentially I am changing it from: E:\Personal Folders\RenderedPage.pdf to E:\Personal Folders\%T2%.pdf and %T2% has already been grabbed from the window title.





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For debugging, temporarily put a Text Box Display command before your rename attempt, to show you the value of %T2% that is being used. Bracket the T2 value with special characters so you can see whether there are trailing blanks; for example in the body of the text box put >>>%T2%<<<.

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I would check the complete filepath (not just %T2%) with a Text Box immediately prior to renaming. I always do that with file renaming until I'm sure it works OK, to avoid potential disaster. I think I normally would make the full filepath a new variable, say %T3% which I would use in the renaming. It would show all errors during the Text Box check. A fave mistake is to miss off the file extension of the fabricated filename. The file will be renamed but appear in an unexpected place in Explorer's listing.

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