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My company is planning on purchasing Macro Express but I have a question regarding its usage. I'm going to be automating a procedure in a piece of software we use but sometimes it can come up with a message or another box before getting to the main window. Is there a way that Macro Express can detect these unexpected popups and ignore them until it gets to the main screen?


Thanks! =)

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I'm guessing you can't really "ignore" these pop-ups, as you say, but that you have to do something to close the pop-up.


If your macro is launching the main application, then about all you can do with ME3 is delay for some period of time after the launch, and look for the pop-up window titles with "If Window", like Kevin suggested. Then you can type ENTER or mouse-click the OK button or whatever to close the pop-up if it has appeared.


The drawback of this method is that you have a finite delay, before the main application can be processed, regardless of whether the pop-up appears or not, because you just have to wait and see what appears.


If the pop-ups don't have unique window titles, there are other tricks that can be used, so post a follow-up if that is the case.

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