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Runs Fine When I Test But...


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Hello there,


I would really love to use this software. The problem I keep having is that I setup a macro to open a program and do some things...It works great just as it should every time I test it. However, every day when I log back into the machine, there is an error message from macro express that the macro did not function properly. It does appear to have started the firat step by opening the program but nothing further.


I must apologize for not giving a lot of specifics as I have uninstalled macroexpress for the time being and can't remember all the details.


If this seems like something that has been experienced as described and fixed, I would greatlky appreciate any help with the solution. If more details are indeed needed, I can reinstall the software.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi, Xcore,


I have these troubles all the time!

Usually just a timing issue; when I'm away, there may be a timing difference from when on the keyboard all the time, or some other window taking focus - usually soluble if I look at my script and control the timing/ window focus / control focus more precisely.

I would need to see your scripts.


Best, randall

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Welcome to the group XCore


Not knowing what macro you created, or what it was supposed to do, makes it impossible to diagnose a problem. As Randall stated, it could be a timing issue. But it could be other things outside the control of Macro Express as well. The group will be here if you ever decide to try Macro Express again. Good luck to you.

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Thanks again for the help. Here's my macro. It runs flalwlessly when I test it but when I login the next morning (I have it setup to run every day) it seems to have opened the prgram but that's all.

-- Start --

<LAUNCHDEL2:1:05C:\Program Files\XMLSWeb\XMLSPhotos\XMLSPhoto.exe>






<WAITWIN2:000000:000059:Download [cmls]>

<ACTIVATE2:Download [cmls]>











-- End --


Also, here are screen shots of the program.


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The macro looks reasonable. Maybe the app cannot keep up with the speed that Macro Express is throwing keystrokes at it. Here are some suggestions:


Place a "Keystroke Speed: 50 Milliseconds" command at the beginning. Always take the shortest route when tabbing. For example, in the Download (cmls) screen it appears that you tab all the way through it to get to the Date field. Maybe a single Shft+Tab will do. Make use of the accelerator keys. Instead of tabbing to the Download Photos button, maybe a simple Alt+d would work. Change the first few lines of your code to:

Keystroke Speed: 50 Milliseconds
Launch and Activate: "XMLSPhoto.exe"
Wait For Window Title: "Login"

This will both launch and activate the window in the same command. The Wait for Window Title command is more of a safety feature. It may not be needed, but it certainly can't hurt!

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