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Why Me Doesn't Support Some Keys For Activation


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My ME will not let me assign certain keys as activation keys, including tab, enter, backspace, and the 5 on the numeric keyboard. It also will not let me assign regular alphabetic, shift alphabetic, and numeric keys.


I could put many of these to good use. In particular, I would like to use some alphabetic and backspace keys in viewer programs, where otherwise the keystrokes go into the bit bucket.


Is there a reason that ME limits the activation keys? Is it technical? Or has no one asked for, or demanded, it?

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You mentioned using Me with veiwer programs.


I want to use Me to help me list a number of PDF files, allow me to select each in succession, see inside each selected file with a viewer (not opening the file), and check off which ones I want to open in Adobe.


Do you know of a view that might work for this function?



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