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What is the command for "end"?


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Hi there..


I would be gradefull for anykind of help. My problem is as follows:


I use macro express to answer emails for support inquire a company. If I receive email, which does not fall under my competence, I pass these further.


For this there are numerous departments to which I pass them with the help of the macro express, because this is much faster.


My problem is, I have a hotkey for the different departments, which route to.


Now a new group developed, which is concerned with "billing" questions in english (I work in german). The name of this department. we call the department for example " XYZ Billing".


Now the name of the new department is " XYZ Billing english". If I try to route an email to "XYZ Billing", it will automatically routed to "XYZ Billing english".


I guess it's about the order of the departments.. ( I'm not specialist, only "user")


What can I do, so that those email, wich should be routed to "XYZ Billing" not be routed to "XYZ Billing english"?


Is there any command for "end of command"?


I hope I explained this clearly (my english is not too good, but I didn't find any german forum about this)


Thanks for your help in advance!


Kind regards



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It may depend on how the hotkey works. For example if you are comparing text a partial match can give different results to exact match. "If contains", "XYZ Billing" could select either; exact match for "XYZ Billing english" (or "XYZ Billing") will only select that one.


If the macro selects from a list, it may choose the first in the list but if you specify an exact match it should make no difference.


In file lists, the order would be:

XYZ Billing

XYZ Billing english

XYZ BillingABC

It may be different with German listings.


I am not sure what you mean by command for "end of command". There is "Macro Stop" which stops the macro.

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Thank you for your quick reply..


My problem is, I'm not too expirienced. and I was searching for the function saying "exact match only" or something...


Could you maybe tell me where to search this option?


Anyways, you helped a lot and thank you very much!!!



PS.: the original command is something like (I'm not at work anymore but I will try to search for the option tomorow)





>route to XYZ Billing<



That's how I tried to put almost all kinds of signs after >route to XYZ Billing(.)(¤)({})(|) and so on...

I thought there is maybe a sign for "stop" or what...


Thank you very much for your help again!

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When your macro processes these commands:

>route to XYZ Billing<


there are some commands after that which are used to re-direct the email. The problem is in those commands. It's impossible to say where without seeing the code. For example:


T1="XYZ Billing" (input from Prompt)

If T1 Contains "XYZ Billing" send email to XYZ Billing english


If T1 Contains "XYZ Billing" send email to XYZ Billing


If T1 Contains "ABC Billing" send email to ABC Billing

End IF


Changing to

If T1= (in other words, exact match)

would cure the problem


There are several possibilities

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