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Is this do-able with Macro Express ?


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I just recently stumbled on Macro Express and absolutely loving the potential of how I can use this software to make life just that extra bit of simpler.


I was wondering if you guys here could give me some information before I proceed in perhaps vastly over-complicating things.


Using windows 7, I want to run a series of actions, and Im wondering if Macro Express is the way to go, or perhaps I should read up on windows batch scripting instead ? Im an ok tcsh, bash, python and mel coder, but little experience with windows batch scripting, or general wrapper writing outside a unix environment.


Series of commands is simple, I have a low performance machine, hooked to my living room projector, and I use it as a party instrument (VJ), watch tv, and play computer games. And I want to be able to "switch modes", staying logged on, but switch out which programs are running.


An example series, activated with ctrl-alt-shift, would be :


-Close Outlook

-Close Firefox

-Run Fallout 3

(and when Fallout exits)

-Open Firefox minimized

-Open Outlook minimized


The reason I would rather macro this, rather than killing the outlook and firefox process is the "clean exit" of firefox saving open tabs and such.


Any and all advice is well appriciated.


thanks in advance


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You can do it, but you will not be able to use Ctrl + Alt + Shift to activate the macro. But there are more than a thousand other hotkeys that you could assign. In ME, you cannot assign modifier keys as hotkeys. The modifier key or keys need to be part of the key combination, e.g., Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X.

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