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Brand new user of Mac Pro here.. and would just like some quick help..


I have a CSV file with 5 comma delimited values and stored them to:


<ASCII FILE BEGIN PROCESS Filename="thisfilename" Format="CSV" Start_Record="1" Process_All="TRUE" Records="1" Variable="%tData%" Start_Index="1"/>


I want process one line of the file at a time and input these values into an interface. I relise all of the 1st values in the csv will be stored in %tData[1]%, 2nd values in %tData[2]% etc.. but how do you tell Mac pro I just want to process one line at a time until a certain keystoke/mouseclick and then move onto the second line??


Any help much appreciated.

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I would insert a Wait For command in your repeat. It would depend on your application but perhaps something like Wait For Key Press. The caveat of course is that you need to ensure that key press doesn't do something in your app. If it does just look at the rest of the commands in the timing group to see if one fits.

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