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Anybody using ME to schedule Crystal Report to run and export report automatically ??? if you do, how do you manage the "wait for" the report to be populated with the data from the database ???? i have a macro setup, but somethimes the delay is just longer than what it takes to get the data in so it crashes my macro and do not finish the job.... also, every time i run the macro to test or design, it takes forever.. could i run step by step instead of waiting ???

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I don't use Crystal Reports. Does it display a "wait for" window or dialog box? If so, you can just stick an If Window Not Running command in a loop with appropriate delays. Something like:


Start Repeat 120 times
 If Window Not Running (Insert your window title here)
 Delay 500 ms
End Repeat


This example will run for a maximum of one minute (120 x .5 sec), and will exit the loop earlier if the specified window is not running. I'm assuming here that the "wait for" window will disappear.

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I don't use Crystal Reports either, but I am familiar with applications that reveal their status indirectly. If it's possible to infer that all fields are populated by visually inspecting the UI, then it should be possible to script a macro to watch for the condition. The two most likely ways to do this are:


1. Monitor the shape of the mouse pointer at position x, y.


2. Monitor the colour of the pixel at position x, y.

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