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BUG: Macro Express misrecognizes a command received from another program...

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I use a free mouse gesture program called StrokeIt. It allows mouse gestures to be made for other programs. It is somewhat like Macro Express except it uses mouse gestures and a few mouse click actions to activate custom commands.


But there is a bug in which Macro Express [regular and Pro] won't receive a command properly from StrokeIt. A StrokeIt command sent to Macro Express with the wheel_down mouse gesture is misrecognized by Macro Express as the same command used by the wheel_up gesture. The developer of StrokeIt says he has done a lot of testing on this problem and has concluded that this is a recognition bug in Macro Express under 64 bit Windows. Can this be fixed?


BTW: I'm currently using: Win7 x64 | Macro Express Pro | StrokeIt Home 0.9.7


ALSO: To perform the wheel_down / wheel_up commands in StrokeIt, you hold down the right mouse button and scroll the wheel down/up. This will run whatever commands you have customized to that gesture.

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