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Need more details on "OR" command

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In the following code:


1 If Condition_1

2 OR

3 Some non-If statement

4 Condition_2

5 More code

6 End If


If Condition_1 is satisfied, does the macro also check Condition_2 or does it go immediately to Line 5?

If Condition_1 is not satisfied, will it execute Line 3 then check if Condition_2 is satisfied?



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First off this is pretty easy for you to create a test macro and learn for yourself. In fact it would probably take less time than posting here! That's how most of us learn.


But as far as your example your syntax is not correct. I just made a simple macro to test this and if you hit F9 (Debug run) with one like you have you will see that is complains in the Messages box "Line 1: Debug Error: Missing an "End If" command". You must have another logical condition after an OR.

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NP. Oh and in the future I'd love it if you could hit the "Reply" button in the post instead of the "Add Reply" button at the bottom. Some of us view this forum in outline mode and it makes it easier to follow.



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