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Arrays much faster?

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It would seem that some of the array functions are operating much faster now. Some work was rumored to be done in the last release or two but I just did some simple tests and a tasks that used to be really slow is now really quick. Has anyone else had such an experience?




The task in this case was something I do all the time. Read a TSV file in and dump it into several arrays then do some things in these arrays and dump the arrays back into a file again. In the past I had tried creating an output array and joining. Imagine 3 arrays A, B, and C. I would set %Output[%Counter%]% to %A%%Tab%%B%%Tab%%C% for each of the array elements then join Output on %CR%%LF% (end of line) and save the whole thing to a file. But in the past it was so slow I could actually write each row out to file one at a time much more quickly! Now what should be the quicker way is. In this test I created the said example with 10000 randomly generated elements and to output to file was over a minute. With the join method it was 500mS which is likely to mostly be the time to write the file.




Anyway I’d like to express my thanks to ISS for improving the performance of the arrays.



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