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Can Macro Express shut down all running programs


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There is not a single command to close all programs but you might have some options.


You could try the Shutdown or Logoff commands and rely on Windows to close the programs.


You might also use a Repeat with Windows and/or Repeat with Processes loop to close programs. If you use a Repeat command you would need to program in exceptions to only close programs or Windows that not part of Windows itself.


Or you might create a macro that uses the If Window and/or If Program Name Running commands to determine if individual programs are running and close them.


Since running programs may contain unsaved data, I expect the last option would be safest.

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There might be unsaved data. but it's not a massive issue .... I was thinking something along the lines of ALT+F4 to type about 20 times then try to get it to log off.


Still thinking.. test will be fun as it will shut down the PC each time if it's working lol.

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