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Converting Excel Files to CSV

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Hello all,


Quite some time ago I asked the question: How do I convert an Excel file to a CSV invisibly?


The answer pretty well came back in this Earlier Topic that I cannot do so.


Ok, that's understandable, if disappointing. It was hinted at, in the above linked post, that I Joe was maybe working on some features for MEP that would make Excel more accessible to MEP.


MEP can process the heck out of CSV files, but I can't figure out how to make it dig info from Excel. And I really need it to :)


I'm wondering if there is any status update on that front.


Thank you!


NB: The key here is that I need it to work invisibly - I know I can have the macro process the Excel information if I open the WB and copy the info, but this would defeat the purpose of the macro I'm trying to build. I need to sell the idea of Macro Express to the Head Honchos, and this particular function should be a no-brainer.

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It's real easy. I do it all the time with a simple VBScript. If you can't find an example online just ask and I'll give you an example of one of mine. Except I usually work with TSVs instead of CSVs. Essentially you have it create the object, change to the worksheet desired and export it to a specific file type, and close the object.



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The trick (besides learning VBScript - which I've been planning on doing "someday" forever) is making it happen without opening the worksheet.




I have a list of IP addresses 5 columns wide, 2000 rows deep.


Column A is dedicated to the store number; B = Router IP; C = Server IP; D = Printer IP; etc.


  • First, the macro prompts for Store Number, provided by the User, or perhaps grabbed from the trouble-ticket.
  • Second, the macro prompts for the specific IP (router, server, etc.)
  • Third, if the file were a .csv, the macro would process the file, locate the store, and provide the required IP.


If I could find a way to make MEP process the spreadsheet exactly the same way as it processes text files, my life would be made simple.


Even if I could just find a way to have the macro convert and save the file invisibly to a CSV located on the C: drive, that would be fine.


---- I'm thinking that I might just pre-arrange to have the .xls file pre-saved as .csv on my C: drive before the sales-pitch begins, just to keep things smooth. -----

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You don't have to learn VBScript. I really don't know it. I just copied what others have done and made the logical substitution. Took me about 20 minutes to figure out. Works slick!



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