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Good morning,


I use MEP for data entry into our Datatel system. We are moving from desktop UI to a Silverlight web UI product. Many of my macros use controls (pop-up type alerts) to determine the next course of action.


I am unable to capture controls using 'Get Control' in the web UI. The capture utility does not recognize the individual alert pop-ups just the entire Silverlight screen. I was able to use pixel color as a work around on a simple macro. This simply will not work on the more complicated scripts as some alert pop-ups contain text that is used to determine the next step.


Is anyone currently using MEP with Datatel Silverlight UI? If so, how do you deal with the alert pop-ups?


Love the forum and appreciate any suggestions.


Thanks, Marte

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Anytime you have Java or other web based program you will not be able to use controls. However using the Internet Explorer automation API with some VBScript you can still interact with them programmatically.

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Thanks for the help. I found a previous post with the an example of the VBScript you used to extract the HTML code and it works perfectly. Unfortunately the script download from Silverlight never changes no matter what is on the screen, it looks like some of the code is hidden.


Do you know if there is another way to make this work?


Thanks, Marteb

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If it's hidden in a java applet, silverlight, flash or that sort the HTML download will not work for you. I am not certain but I believe one can use the IE automation API to do it. I've never used it to extract text but rather to fill out forms. Works really slick. All the input fields are properties of the object and one simply sets the properties and push the button which is a method. My guess is that you could probably get at the contents with properties of the object. I tried with a Java interface once and thought for sure it would be 'hidden' but found all the fields accessible.

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