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<CTRL> and mouse click?


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Hi everyone.


I'm using Macro Express 3.8a build 1 ( I use ME to build macros that run web-based surveys. Many of the survey questions have answers in a drop down box. When I want to select multiples of these answers, I need to press the <CTRL> key and then left click whichever answers I want. When I'm done, multiple answers are selected and I can move onto the next question. However when I do this while capturing a macro, the <CTRL> key doesn't register and during macro playback I end up with just the last answer I left-clicked on selected. Is there a way to get the <CTRL> key into the macro that doesn't involve trying to figure out where in the script I need to insert a "<CTRL> key down/up" manually? Thanks in advance for your help.



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Probably it can be done, but you will have a far easier time if you simulate keystrokes instead of mouse clicks.


Ctrl space to select.

Ctrl down to navigate down without selecting, but retaining selected items.


For example, to select item 1, 3, and 6 from a list...


Ctrl space [select 1]

Ctrl down [move down to 2]

Ctrl down [move down to 3]

Ctrl space [select 3]

Ctrl down [move down to 4]

Ctrl down [move down to 5]

Ctrl down [move down to 6]

Ctrl space [select 6]

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