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How to FTP a directory with files inside it?

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Hello all,


I have several folders name like 20110603_xxxxxx, 20110610_xxxxxx, 20110617_xxxxx, 20110624_xxxxx. Where x = different name. inside each folder they are more than one hundred (100) PDF files. I have a macro to do the following:

FTP Site Connect %T[1]%

Repeat with folder Return: Files Only (but i'm not sure if i have to choose folder only)

Place result In %T[2]%

I checked Return the full file path

FTP Send File

File Name: I put the entire path name\*%T[2]*% (i try to FTP all the folder that begin with 201106*.*) but i don't know which variable i should use to indicate the folder name.

End Repeat

FTP Site Disconnect.


Can anyone help me with this script? I'' greatly appreciate. I'm currently using Macro Express Pro. Also let me know if I need to attached my macro.


Thanks in advance,


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You cannot use wildcards with the FTP command. You will need to repeat with the folder above your target folders and return the folder name. Then nested in that you will need to repeat with subfolder and return file names. Then in each folder loop create the target FTP folder and change to that folder. Then FTP send one file at a time. If you get in a bind contact me offline and I can write it for you.

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