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Deleting unused variables after it is no longer used

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MEP has no cleanup facility like you describe. However it would be a cool feature. You might consider requesting it to ISS.


I have something similar. I created a couple to deal with ME3 to MEP conversion. I have one that fill find every occurrence of a variables and put them in a list. I then create a list of named variables and after a little analysis I replace every . instance. If it were me I'd do something similar. Use the Export Macro Info and write a macro that returns every variable that occurs in the script text. Should be fairly certain.

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Hello. Thank you for replying and I am sorry for the late reply as I have not been on this forum. That is nice that I am not the only one who wants variable cleanups. I don't have anything similar to put all used variables in a list. I never thought about listing them manually, I only tried to go through the variables in my head, which is so hard.

But now you gave an idea. I will attempt to write a script that loads my list of variables and check to see if the variable is inside the exported script. Thanks.


I think MEP should run the script virtually in order to find which variables are used in the script, lists them, and allow us to confirm deletion of unused variables.

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