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What is "Capture Console Output" ?

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I've just discovered this. I'm attempting to increase the reliability and level of direct control of some scripts I've been using and am wondering if this option might be useful, but cannot find any information on it, i.e. what does it do, what is it, etc...?


I've looked in ME's "Help", and also searched this forum.


What is the "console" and what would it's "output" be? What would be the result of this command when launching Internet Explorer? Thanks in advance.

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Click here for a definition of a console application. Windows GUI applications are WinForms. Console applications run in the console and have no Windows GUI. For instance Telnet.exe or FTP.exe in Windows. IE they run in a command prompt. So if I write a program that is a console program that multiplies two numbers I have no other recourse but to output the result to the 'console'. EG I prompt you for two numbers then write the result to the 'command line'. This is very useful in the External Script command to return a result. EG I could write a VBScript to order a string array. But also useful in the regular Program Run. EG I could execute Windows program tasklist.exe and capture the console to get a list of all the processes running on my computer.
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