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Windows 7 System Tray Icons

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The Win7 systme tray does not show the running man because the icon is "hidden" (along with 20 or others that I don't want to show). But when I go to the "hidden" list and Customize it tell Windows to tell windows to "Show icons and notifications" it is onlyeffective for the named macro that is currently executing.


Is there a way to change the tooltip associated with the runnig man so his "name" isn't different for every macro?


How can I tell windows to ALWAYS show the running man?



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When W7 first came out, I quickly discovered that, just like WinXP before it, the feature to show only selected icons in the tray was unreliable at best. Since I've got 3 monitors, I decided to allow W7 to show all my icons all the time, a total of 20 icons. I also discovered that if the tray icons are displayed in 2 or more rows, MEP can't reliably locate a tray icon using the Move Mouse to Tray Icon command - repeated requests to Insight to fix the bug have produced no acknowledgement of the problem, and no solution to it.

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Have you considered making your taskbar 2 rows high instead of 1? It releases a lot more space for icons, while having, IMHO, minimal impact on normal windows.


They changed the model in Windows 7. Icons no longer stack in the Notification Area/System Tray. But you can drag and drop them into your preferred order.


Then again, using a double height taskbar does give other things more space to fit into.


Heaven only knows what it will look like in Windows 8.


I agree that a larger than usual Taskbar really has little effect on the visual real estate, especially if you have more than one monitor.

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I don't follow. When I made my taskbar deeper (using W7 Pro x64), the tray icons rearranged themselves into 2 rows. What am I missing?


You stretched it fiurther than I did.


Mine is probably 1½ rows.


That suits one of the tool bars I have added.


This has the advantage of allowing me to put the icons in fixed positions with less likelihood of Macro Express becoming confused as to which one it is addressing.

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