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  1. I use Clipmate with macros, but find that format handling in Macro Express is not great. Even internal management of clips in Macro Express leaves something to be desired. Remove line breaks and carriage returns and you also remove spaces. So it all runs on. And passing keystrokes from Macro Express to Clipmate is not without issues. But my Macro Express programming skills are rudimentary.
  2. While there may be workarounds (see above), it might be better to do as suggested and to combine into one macro. I have several that mes around with toggling function keys It might help if you said what you want to achieve.
  3. GMail accepts Port 25 for SMTP only if you are sending to a GMail address.
  4. What do you mean by Windows desktop? The folder? Something else?
  5. I find the MEP "Running Processes" list to be iffy at best. It cannot see website watcher, a program I use to monitor websites for changes. Task manager see website watcher just fine. And in trying to automate work in Outlook 2016, a very basic keyboard macro has a habit of bringing website watcher to the foreground, when Outlook should be there.
  6. This must be a reference to Memory Map. There is no way that Macro Express is showing "All Processes" here. Task Manager shows that I have 166 Apps, Background Processes and Windows Processes. Macro Express lists about 60, 20 of them Chrome. These Chrome entries also show in Task Manager. Things have changed in Windows 10. Macro Express used to show the one I want to monitor in Windows 8, now it doesn't. The program I want to monitor shows in Task Manager but is invisible in Macro Express. Comparing Macro Express and Task Manager, the former has massive holes for stuff that it does not see.
  7. No. I haven't pursued this issue. Before going direct, I thought I'd check out what people thought here. But I never got round to it. But then your message came along with the relevant subject.
  8. No comments on XP Compatibility. But maybe the issue is related to the absence from Running Processes. I have a couple of programs that run as normal in Windows 10, but that do not show up in Running Processes within Macro Express. Task Manager does show the "App" as running. If I look at Task Manager alongside Running Processes, quite a few show up in the former but not the latter. This makes it impossible to write macro that checks for the Running Processes to see what to do next.
  9. Front page throws errors. Code rather than content.
  10. You stretched it fiurther than I did. Mine is probably 1½ rows. That suits one of the tool bars I have added. This has the advantage of allowing me to put the icons in fixed positions with less likelihood of Macro Express becoming confused as to which one it is addressing.
  11. They changed the model in Windows 7. Icons no longer stack in the Notification Area/System Tray. But you can drag and drop them into your preferred order. Then again, using a double height taskbar does give other things more space to fit into. Heaven only knows what it will look like in Windows 8. I agree that a larger than usual Taskbar really has little effect on the visual real estate, especially if you have more than one monitor.
  12. I don't have an answer to this one, but as someone who thinks Windows Explorer is useless I would look for an alternative that does not come with a blank title. I use Directory Opus, but that is a bit expensive. Then again, I am not sure that I fully understand your question, so this may all be completely irrelevant.
  13. This really isn't a Macro Express issue, forgive me for prolonging it. Outlook databases need cleaning up from time to time. You should clean out deleted messages and compact the database to recover empty space. Outlook also comes with a repair tool (scanpst) that can fix damage that may not kill Outlook, but that will affect other software that tries to connect to Outlook. I suggest that you take any problems with Outlook to this place: Slipstick Systems Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server Solutions Center My own backup regime is to use synchback to run daily backups. There are various versions, including a freebie. Free backup software - SyncBack Freeware - free data backup software In my case SyncBack works over a LAN – my PCs wake up early and do it before I start work – but I also do weekly backups to a USB drive.
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