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  1. I use wordpad alot. This seems to help when I use it. Make sure the target application is focused. Add a little delay. If that doesn't work, try slowing down how quick the characters are typed.
  2. Thank you for the reply Alan and Cory, will give it a try.
  3. I am trying to figure out how to take text saved from the clipboard to a variable, and then process that text. I was able to get the first part clipboard to variable , what I am stuck on is trying to separate the text. What I would like to do , if possible is take text form the the clip board ie. one two three four (the length of the clipboard text may vary from one time to the next) convert it to: x(1) = one x(2) = two x(3) = three then to use x(1) in a different part of the code. Any help or pointing in the right direction would help Thanks James
  4. Thank you to everyone who replied, this was real helpful. James
  5. Thanks for the explanation I would like to do some thing like the above explantation. // -------------------------------------------------------- // Display Introduction and Instructions // -------------------------------------------------------- I was able to use the comment section on the right but it puts the comment after the command, I was unable to insert a comment in a line with out code attached. Thanks James
  6. I am trying to find a way to separate code in to a way I can organize it better. Is there a way to insert a blank line to visual separate the code? Thanks James
  7. acantor I have not tried it with the MeProc.exe , the code I listed above is one that I use with Dragon Medical 4, works fine. I think there was an issue with execute vs shellexecute with windows 10 James
  8. I use the following If InStr(ListVar1, "plan") Then ShellExecute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro\MacExp.exe /Aplan" try shellexecute
  9. I think I figured this out using the split string command , using split string using "\" as a divider to the string , the result will go in a separate variable in an index of 1 and 2
  10. Thanks for your responses , I am still trying to figure out a solution. I was able to use a text file to bring in data in to a variable %text[1]% but it pulls the entire line into the variable by using text file process I am trying to do the following in the text file: This is the question 1 , This is the answer 1 This is the question 2, This is the answer 2 Is there a way to do the following? Import the first half up to the comma into a %text[1]% and then the second half to %answer[1]% I saw the variable split string, but it states it places the resulting strings into an array, is there a way to split it into two separate arrays? Thanks James
  11. I was wondering if the following is possible. I would like to use a Variable set string to prompt the user for a response. With the response %answer[1]% , I would like to see if that response contains a certain phrase which is defined by a list , for example from the list below , if the first item answer contains htn, I would like the response to be "patient has hypertension." I would like the if then statment to look through the list for the item and then print the repsonse. I was able to do this by using multiple if then statements, but is is more cumbersone to change them when I need to. I was looking for a way to maintaine a list , so I can change the response periodically. I was also looking for a way to keep the data in Macro Express with out having to reference an outside file if possible. Variable Set String %answer[1]% if %answer[1]% = "htn" text type %response[1]% end if if %answer[1]% = "cough" text type %response[1]% end if list answer \ response htn \ patient has hypertension cough \ patient has a cough Thanks for any suggestions, James
  12. I think I found the problem, under explorer -> categories -> System Macros -> All Categories (macex.mex) , underthat file it looks like a duplicate file with the same name was loaded. I did not realize this. thanks for all the help I really appreciate it
  13. Thanks for the help Cory, when you asked how many files do I have open, I have about 50 different macros listed in the explorer. Is that what you mean or macex.mex files. Can there be more than one macex.mex files open at one time? I am trying to make sure I understand your question correctly. when you say close all your macro files. Would this be the same as disabling the macro or should I export all the files and then open a new .mex file and import one by one? Acantor, I dont have another macro program but I do use DMPE4 and Knowbrainer. I tried using macroexpress with out opening these programs and the error still occurs. Would it be worth while , uninstalling macroexpress and then re-install and then import the macros back in.
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