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A Macro That Sometimes Freezes


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hi everybody and thanks for this forum !! much more user-friendly than the newsgroups


I have a set of more than 700 macros and one of them is dedicated to logging informations into a log file :


Log Errors
Date/Time: Save "dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm" into %T97%
Clipboard Empty
Clipboard Start Copy
 Text Type: %T97%  |  %T98% %T99%
Clipboard End Copy
Clipboard Append Text: "log.txt"
Variable Set String %T99% ""


the idea is :

%T98% is the name of a macro, initialized when launching this macro

%T99% is a message I want to log


so everytime I want to write a message in my log file, I simply use :


    Variable Set String %T99% "hello world"
   Macro Run: LOG


the problem is : sometimes (and of course I don't know why) this macro freezes ... in the icons tray, i can see in the tooltip displayed on the ME icon that this macro "LOG" is running, but it never comes back to the calling macro :blink:


I don't know exactly where it freezes in the macro code, and when it happens I can't stop ME anymore (using the abort macro hotkey as usual) : I have to reboot and then my macro will work fine .. again ... until the next time


if you have any idea, it would be of great help as this macro is called a lot of times every day and night ...


thanks (and sorry for my english :ph34r: )

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First determine if it is the clipboard that is causing the problem. Change your logging code to:

Date/Time: Save "dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm" into %T97%
Replace "%T99%" with "%T97%  |  %T98% %T99%" in %T99%
Variable Modify String: Append %T99% to Text File
Variable Set String %T99% ""

If this doesn't change your results, then check to determine if the log file is being accessed by something else making it unwriteable.

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hum ... it seems to do exactly what i'm doing <_<

ok i'll replace, thanks for the info :D


anyway, i still have this "freeze" problem that sometimes occur, but since I changed my LOG macro (using "Append to Text File") it freezes in the next called macro <_<


really strange ... smsc043.gif

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