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Question On Variables, Etc..


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ok firstly, i try to get pixel color from a certain pixel location, then move on to if variable N1 = 0(black), e.g keyboard text type 2.

heres the problem, lets say after we typed 2, the pixel location is supposed to NOT be black anymore, is there anyway to make the macro go back and check the color again AFTER it pressed 2 or checked for the first time and make corrections, e.g keyboard text type 3 and so on.


sorry if its alittle confusing..

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I am not sure about your last sentence but if I wanted it to keep retrying until the pixel wasn't black I would create a repeat group. Before the repeat clear the variable and then put the "get pixel" and comparison in the a Repeat Until loop. The condition for the repeat is "<>" (not equal to) "0". IOW repeat until N1<>0.


If you want to try several things it would depend on the text that would by typed. If it were 1,2,3,4... I would say do a repeat loop and use the counter as the variable. If N1<>0 the exit the loop. If it were a series of items Y,N,L or something just try each and put them in an IF where it will only try the next one if N1=0.


Does this help? If not give me some more details and I can get something better for you.

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