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Seeking Advice On Using Xcalcs In Me


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I need to change a ton of folder and file permissions on an NTFS volume following a certain algorithm which would mean changing thousands of file done manually. I plan no using ME to do this for me following a logical pattern using the NTFS permissions command line utility called Xcalcs . Has anyone had any experience doing this? I was just hoping that I might shorten my time if I could learn from a master’s experience.


Also if any of you have a firm understanding of the more advanced NTFS permissions and how best to set them up I would really appreciate some help. I’m even willing to pay.

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Hey Joe, sorry I've been away for awhile.


What I am seeking advice for and have been having trouble with it how to actually set the permissions. I don't mean functionally click and do but rather abstractly how one structures the permissions. NTFS has a zillion permutations of possible combinations but often the results are unexpected. You can have them apply to folders, subfolders and files in any combination and some overlap and override another like the delete permission for a folder. You can tell it not to delete the folder at that object level but the permission at the folder above for subfolders overrides. Arggg… I got close once to preventing a sub from being deleted but get this…. The user could delete the folder which would allow them to delete all the contents and then warn that you can’t delete the folder! Man, I’m driving myself nuts.

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