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Automate multiple input with increased number?

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I am a beginner in Macro Express. I hope I could get some help.


I am using Macro Express Pro version for a game. So far I have managed to automate simple routines, however what I need to do next is beyond my capability. To be honest i am not sure if it could be done with ME. It will take weeks to do it manually, not to mention carpal tunnel.


I need ME to check combination of few items. For example, I need to find out the secret formula to create a special menu from a few stack-able items: 50 pork, 25 beef, 15 pepper and 30 sugar.


The steps would be as follow:

1. Hit the 'c' key and the create menu appears

2. Choose and add the pork from the list and enter number.

3. Choose and add beef from the list and enter number

4. Choose and add pepper from the list and enter number

5. Choose and add sugar from the list and enter number.

6. OK


I need ME to repeat it until the last possible combination entered.

1 beef, 1 pork, 1 pepper, 1 sugar

1 beef, 1 pork, 1 pepper, 2 sugar


until 25 beef, 50 pork, 15 pepper and 30 sugar entered.


And is it possible to create a log for this macro?


Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much.





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Sounds like MEP could do it. Create an array variable for the items ingredients. Do an input loop to induct all the ingredients and when the user responds with an empty, stop. You will need to increment a counter as you do this so you know how many there are. Then make a nested loop to iterate thru each possible combination. The only part I'm not sure about is if you have a variable number of ingredients how you could possibly have a variable number of nested levels of the loop. I'd have to think on that one for a bit.

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