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Alt+Tab or Activate last window


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I am working on a macro that just needs to run in the background... mostly.

The problem is that I have to switch to a set program, do the commands and get back to my last window used.

I have the macro activate the window I need it to for the actual commands, but I can't figure out how to get back to my last used program for me automatically.

I could be surfing the net, watching a video, playing a game, so it could be a different window title or program all together that I want to get back to.


The <ALTD><TAB><ALTU> command doesn't work. (Also tried running as admin).

I wouldn't mind using an "activate window" command, but I need to be able to copy the current window title into a string or variable and call it back as the window to swap to since it won't have the same title each time.


Any ideas on how to get something like this to work?





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