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how to identify time zone of server

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Hi everyone,


I am new to MEP and started developing Macros. macros are executing in our local system and working fine. Once if i deployed to production and executing on centralized server. In my macro i need to find out the central time zone..


how do i capture the central time zone with respect the server..

Please help me out asap... thanks in advance for earlier responces.




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Like I said in my other post it's better to use UTC directly. This is why computer systems, especially servers, all run on UTC. It is not affected by time zones and DST rules. The name says it all "Universal Time Coordinated". Even things like my appointments in Outlook are all saved in UTC. Outlook just applies the necessary offsets depending on where I am. That way when I make a appointment in California and travel to Connecticut my meeting time apparently moves in my calendar when I update my time zone in Windows and I don't miss my client meeting.

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