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problems activating excel

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I have an issue that maybe you can help me.

I have a macro where in the initial lines I launch an excel file, then I copy some data, open some folders and set variables. After that I want to call again the same excel file I had open but the macro insist in open again the same file although it is already open (In this point I never give the command to close the excel file).

I have the command "active or launch", I have changed to "activate" but doesnt work either. Any suggestions?

I have excel 2010. Actually Im updating an existing macro made to work with excel 2013 and I'm adding lines in order the macro works in excel 2013 and 2010. so if you have any suggestions or advice to do this please let me know. Thanks! :)

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It's hard to say but it seems the main problem here is activation of an existing window. That suggests there's something wrong with your activate or launch command. Can post that one command?


BTW since you're new here I suggest putting the command in a code box. You can find the button in the message compose toolbar here. Also in MEP you can copy a command by normal CTRL+C or by right clicking and getting the command text. I prefer in htis case you give me the CTRL+C which will show the actual command one would find in the direct editor.

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