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web site command always opens a new tab


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yes, thank you, I am aware of the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between tabs once in a browser. What I meant more specifically was if I am NOT in the browser, how do I create a macro to switch to the open or not yet open browser and go to a specific tab/site, without opening a new tab each time if it is already open.


For example am trying to create a keyboard shortcut for checking my Gmail. Most of the time Chrome is already open and a Gmail tab is already open. Sometimes Chrome / Gmail is not yet open. I want the keyboard shortcut to open Chrome / Gmail if it's not open or switch to the existing tab if it is open. Instead what I get it is a new Gmail tab open in Chrome every time I press the shortcut key. Which means by the end of the day I have a million Gmail tabs open unnecessarily.

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Something like this, perhaps?



// T1 is the title bar for the current window.

// This section is designed to help you work out title bar text that shows Gmail is running in Chrome.
// Delete Section 1 after you have figured out a value for T2


Variable Set String %T1% to topmost window title
Text Box Display: Title bar of current window = %T1%
Macro Stop

// T2 is the title bar fragment that indicates Gmail is running in Chrome.

// (I don't use Gmail or Chrome, so I cannot work it out for you! )


Variable Set String %T2% to "Gmail - Google Chrome"
If Window "%T2%" is running
Window Activate: Gmail - Google Chrome
Web Site, "http://gmail.com",using Default Web Browser
End If

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