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I like FBReader for reading .epubs.  Terrific program.  Except for one major omission.  For many years I've asked the developers to incorporate an auto-page-advance feature.  But no reply.

One has to manually hit page-down to go to the next page.

I can program Macro Express to hit Page Down, repeatedly, every so many seconds -- fixed speed.  Not a big deal.

But..., there's likely a better way.

Challenge and Request:

Ideally.  Program the keypad (+) and (-) keys to increase or decrease the speed of hitting the Page Down key.  Perhaps at 5% increments or whatever.

In other words, user brings up FBReader, and some .epub (but probably would work with any such reader or word processing program).  Start auto-page-advance by hitting the keypad (+) key.  Suppose the initial default is 30 seconds per page.  If that's too slow, hit the (+) key again, and the speed to next page-turn is faster.  Hit again, and faster still.

If the 30-seconds per page is too fast, hit the keypad (-) key.  And the page-turn is then made slower.  Hit again, slower still.

Whaddya think?  Doable?

Thanks much!

Nicholas Kormanik

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Set your scheduled macro to run every second or two seconds.  Adjust ME preferences so the Scheduled time is at least as short as the macro's interval.  When your scheduled macro runs, check an environment variable or something of the sort which contains your preferred page-turn interval.  Based on time, if the interval hasn't yet elapsed, don't hit the page down key.  Write two new macros triggered by the (+) and (-) keys, who job is to bump up (or down) the page-turn interval stored in the environment variable. 

Instead of checking time, you could hit page down every time through the scheduled macro, or every second time, or third, or tenth or whatever. 

Or have a never-ending macro that loops indefinitely (Repeat loop) with an embedded adjustable delay each time through the loop.  Still requires storing some sort of status or interval by means of other macros triggered by (+) and (-). 

But why would you want a feature like that?  Reminds me of a speed-reading class I took, where a sliding shutter came down over the page line by line to force you to stay concentrated to keep ahead of it.  It worked, but reading was no longer any fun. 

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