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I have a macro that copies PDF file from one server to another.  The problem I am having is that sometimes a PDF file is still being copied to the server when the macro run.  

1. A document is scanned and saved as a PDF to server1

2. A macro runs every few minutes on server1 and copies the PDF to server2

3. Occasionally, at PDF is in the middle of being saved to server1 when the macro tries to move it to server2.  This causes a window error or even a corrupt PDF file.

Is there a way to tell is a PDF is ready to be moved?  The "IF file Ready" command won't work because it only test

Any ideas?

Move file one-at-a-time.mxe

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Try the Wait for File to be Ready command.

If Folder Exists: "\\SCANSERVERHOST\PPLImageDepot\Processing Temp"
  Repeat with Folder C:\Scans // PLow thru the folder
    Clear Variables
    Variable Set From File path // Get teh file extension
    Variable Set From File: Set to the Size of a File (C:\Scans\%File%)
    If File Exists: "C:\Scans\%File%"
      If Variable %Size% Is Greater Than "0"
        Wait for File to be Ready: C:\Scans\%File%
        Copy File/Files: "C:\Scans\%File%" to "c:\Scans Sav"
        Move File/Files: "C:\Scans\%File%" to "\\SCANSERVERHOST\PPLImageDepot\Processing Temp\%File%"
        On Error
          Catch Error: File could not be located
            Macro Stop
          End Catch Error
        End Error
      End If
    End If
  End Repeat
End If


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