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Password Variable For Ftp


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Hi there.


I'm trying to use the FTP commands in Macro Express.


I want to call a variable to use as the FTP password. I have different passwords for different ftp sites that I want to update. Have all of this stored in a csv but the password field will not except a variable and work.


Even when I go into direct edit I enter the variable where the encrypted password would be but it will not connect. I can connect just fine using the pop up box and typing in the password.


Any help would be great:


Here is what I would like to do.. but does not work:


<ADFBEG:F10:001:000001:000000:C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Documents\job\rss2blog_setup.csv><FTPCONNECT:99:FF:ftp.%T1%:00021:%T2%:%T3%><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:%T99%%T99%><FTPCHMOD:98:000070000700007:/public_html><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:%T98%%T98%><FTPDISCONNECT><ADFEND>

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I don't know if I should help you, sounds like you're just trying to hack into someone's FTP site. Well I guess we should all have a little more faith in humainity. Just promise you're not doing anythign illegal with this, OK?


I tried using a variable to do an FTP Connect and it worked fine. In the scripting editor I typed in %T1% in the password field and before that set T1 to my password. Of course all one can see are 4 dots. This worked flawlessly. Try cutting and pasting this into a test macro.


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