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Hi all, downloaded macro express, and created a very simple script:




its for a game called EVE Online. seeing as all it does is click throughout the window, i was wondering how i could incorporate more advanced functions, like checking pixel colors, and well i don't know exactly what else.


im assuming it is impossible for macro express to distinguish game window inside the actual game, right?


i dont really know what else i want to know, i jsut want to know what other cool functions i could use other than mouse moving and clicking that could help in the game :)

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What can it do? Just about anything you can do as long as it is in windows. Actually it can do a lot more. It's best if you just check out all the commands, there you will find that you can pick pixel colors and have logic that makes decisions just like a proper programming language. If you have a specific request we could help you but your request is like asking the car salesman where you can drive your new car.

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