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Menu macro title problem

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I'm doing some work on my many pop up menu macros. But something odd has happened to the titles which Menu Builder displays. Only the very first one is correct. All subsequent menu macros opened are just titled 'MENUS'. Hopefully my screenshots will add any clarification needed.




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I'm not seeing this... But I am seeing another (possibly related?) error...


Win 10


I don't use the menu builder, but I did have a couple up sample popup menus built.  I built a couple more. 

Top of screenshot is one of the new ones and the editor title bar does show "Menu Builder[Name]."


Oddly, the older menu (that was disabled) cannot be opened or enabled...  If I try to do either, I get the error report shown on the bottom of the image.  I've emailed it to ... 

Bloody hell!  I tried to re-create the error so I could see who I emailed it too, and this time the debugger tool crashed too!  See below image.


Anyway...  The errant menu *does* work if I use the blue 'Run' button from the toolbar.  I can run it -- just can't edit it, or enable it via right-click context menu.  






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