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Mouse Locator Pixel Color doesn't work

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I use MEP very well. but Pixel color Function is not working


I waited a few minutes but It show me always empty window


So.... It broken in Windows 10 Now? or it just my own problem?


I tried many Programs ex : OBS .... Chrome ... Photoshop but I failed


Get Pixel color Function is same ploblem.


I already use MEP administrator mod


How can i do this? Help me plz



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With MX Pro I'm using Win 10 Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.900) and the Mouse Locator is displaying the colour code OK.


MacEdit.exe and MacExp.exe are currently shown as 'Elevated' in Task Mgr.


If the issue remains in any application, and after rebooting, I think my next step would be to type SFC /scannow into the Run box or at an elevated command prompt, in case any key DLLs have somehow become corrupted.


If your Win 10 version has had a more recent update then perhaps that too is another possible cause.


Failing any success I reckon I'd then re-install MX Pro.


Terry, UK



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OK... Thank you Terry.


I tried MacExp.exe, MacEdit.exe Use in stop 'elevated' mod . and it can Get pixel color function now


but........ now it doesn't find Active window location. cuz it's not elevated now


why elevated mod effect on Pixel color function?


How can fix it?



+ Oh.. I found MSLocate_v6.1.3.1.exe file in folder


when i run it, it run, and freeze. just stop. hmmm......


but never move mouse cursor over the Locator screen. It doesn't Freeze and show Color Code.


and this file's update time is more newer than  MSLocate.exe file


i think that file is key of this problem



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I don’t understand what you mean. Your screenshot shows all the expected information. And are you using MXPro in elevated mode or not? If not, why not?


I have not tested it, but I’m not sure whether elevated mode is necessary for the Mouse Locator to work correctly. Perhaps someone working in normal mode can confirm please?


Edit: Just seen your additional comments. I have no file of that name. The present program executable for MXPro is called MSLocate.exe and has a size of 810 KB. The only file with a name like that you give on my PC is MSLocate_v6.1.1.1.exe dated April 2019, size 786 KB.


I would re-install



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If the program you are running is running with elevated privileges the Macro Express and the Mouse Locator must also be running with elevated privileges (As Administrator). An enhanced version of the Mouse Locator will be available with the next version of Macro Express that eliminates this requirement.


We do not recommend using the Mouse Locator programs containing a version numbers such as MSLocate_v6.1.3.1.exe  and MSLocate_v6.1.1.1.exe. These files will be removed when newer versions of Macro Express are installed.

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Ok... i Solved it.


1. Get Pixel Color function is works very well. I don't know Y. i just reinstalled MEP


2. Locator Pixel Color display function is works when i run MSLocate_v6.1.3.1.exe file.


Actually. it isn't work perfectly well. but enough.


Thanks terry and kevin.


Your advice was very helpful

Baek, in RoK

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