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Repeat a macro 20 times


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I have created a simple macro that copies from excell and paste into webside.


I would like to have the macro to repeat a amount of times.


is it possible in some way to start the macro with a prompt where i type tat it f.ex. should run 20 times..


So when finished then start from beginning again.

And do that 20 times or more.


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Use two macros.  The first macro (example below) will prompt for the number of times to run the second macro, then run it.


Variable Set Integer %count%: Prompt    ["set integer" option to prompt for number of repetitions]
Repeat Start (Repeat %count% times)    [run the second macro multiple times]
  Macro Run: macro_2
End Repeat


Edit: I see you posted this in the Macro Express 3 forum.  You will need to use one of the pre-defined integer variable (N1, N2, N3....) instead of %count% in my example. 


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5 hours ago, koden said:


is there a quick short key to stop a running macro

In Options | Preferences you can set a hot key that aborts running macros.


You could prompt for a text variable rather than an integer.  Then use Variable Modify String to extract and examine individual digits.  After verifying, there is an option of Variable Modify String to convert string to integer. 

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