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Acrobat DC is a forbidden zone

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Hello, I'm a long-time Macro Express user and a less-enthusiastic user of Adobe products. The current Windows-based version of Acrobat Pro strengthens that sentiment, as the current version known as Acrobat DC is terribly unfriendly to MacEx. Simply put, no global macros function when Acrobat is the active program.


Because this is the first time I have ever encountered a situation like this, I am not privy to any workarounds that might exist for inhospitable apps under Windows 10. Does anyone have any general advice, or better still, specific recommendations as to how to get Acrobat to play nice?




Rick A.

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Remove Adobe's "Sandbox" protections.  Below are my notes.  This change makes Acrobat Reader less secure, and subject to malware embedded in PDFs.  So far I have had no problem, been running with this change for quite a long time.

Adobe Reader blocks Macro Express hot keys -- how to fix:
- Open Adobe Acrobat Reader
- Click Edit, Preferences
- For Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or XI click Security (Enhanced)
- For Adobe Acrobat Reader X click General
- Click to uncheck the "Enable Protected mode at startup" setting
- Click the OK button to save
- Restart Adobe Acrobat Reader





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