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making an opened window the 'current window'

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I've spent another hour or so trying alternate methods - but MP3Tag just does not respond except for opening.


I tried MacroRecorder again for the much simpler MP3Tag process that I recently 'discovered', than the original complex one. It works well.


Just for interest sake rather than hoping for advice - The difficulty with MacroRecorder is that I have to do a manual keystroke to start its macro.


So the process is : I click the shortcut to a batchfile which launches the macrorecorder program; it opens with the relevant macro loaded; I have to click on PLAY, then it gets MP3Tag to process the MP3 files the way I want.


Less than ideal, but better than doing it all manually.

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9 hours ago, Sebastian42 said:

RUNNING the Macro has SO FAR been done from the TRY tool, but once the macro achieves the intended aim, would be run from a batch file - which I suppose would qualify as a 'mouse event'.


I'm not familiar with the "Try tool" in Macro Express. Do you mean "Test Run," which appears in the "Debug" menu in the Script Editor?


No need to run Macro Express scripts from a batch file. In the Script Editor, go to the "Activation" tab, and choose a method for activating your macro. Hotkey activation is probably the most straightforward. Which hotkey? How your keyboard is configured will limit or expand the choices. Safe bets that will work on virtually any keyboard include:


Ctrl + 1

Ctrl + 2



I used to recommend using Function keys as Macro Express hotkeys, e.g., F11 and F12. But on "modern" keyboards, the function keys are sometimes not available. They have been mapped as media  keys, e.g., Mute, Volume Up, etc.

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