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  1. I used [%N%] instead of (%N1%) maybe this is it. I'll test it. Some good tips there! Actually there is no manipulation between copy and paste. I send out a bunch of sheets to different people and the problem is when copying from these sheets to a summative excel book and there is filtered rows it doesn't paste them in the right place, even though the files are filtered at the same way. That's when I come to think of trying this variable thing. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for you're help Cory.
  2. I don't mean that ISS are not helpful, my point is that solving things "in public" like in this forum helps more people than one personal posted case to support. If you had been on this forum a couple years ago, you would have know what I mean. When ever I have any problem with my macros I intend to keep checking with this forum first and of course I will post it to support when it's necessary. It's not necessary for you to post comments on my subjects, ok? Bye
  3. Thx Cory, it feels good to be here again. It's a Pity. I think the hole idea with this forum is to discuss different matters and to first check with others if there is something that didn't get right in the script, before posting loads of issues and drowning Insight with things that really isn't support issues. I really hope that Insight would change their mind and turn their heads back and focusing on helping users (like myself) directly with their problems. When struggling sometimes under timepreassure, it has been a comfort to have ISS in this eminent forum. And what better way to sell th
  4. Do you mean that there is a differens between how ME3 and ME PRO works? Maybe there is some changes in ME PRO but it should not set the macro to run faster when converting. So therefor I see it as a bug. In ME3 it worked as Johny described. My point was to verify his observation and to check if he has reported it as a bug or else I can do so. I think the hole idea with this forum is to discuss different matters and to first check if there is something that didn't get right in the script, before posting issues to Insight. Regards.
  5. Hi I'm trying to save clipboard text to a variable but keep getting I/O error 105 no matter what kind of variable name I'm trying to use. Does anyone know what I/O error 105 stands for? I didn't think I was going to struggle with simple things like this when converting from ME3 to ME PRO. Where can I read about error codes? Can't seem to find anything in the Help section about it. Regards. PS. I must ask, I haven't had time to go to this forum the past two years, (I've been helping another company and introducing ME3 to them) but as I recall it was a totally different activity from
  6. Hi Johnboy! I've noticed the same problem, have you reported it as a bug? If not, you should. In the help file for MEP Pro it says: Macro Speed The macro speed function is typically used with capturing (recording) a macro. The Macro Speed command occupies the first line of a recorded macro script. The speed factor is initially set for captured macros in the Capture preference settings. With all the timing delays between each keystroke and mouse movement recorded, it may be advisable to speed up or slow down the macro. Double click on the Macro Speed command in the script to e
  7. Thanks for your reply Paul. As I said I don't normally use this in Excel, it's for the use in another program. The idea is to mark a predefined number of rows that I what to handle, and then shift to other windows within the program. If I take a to big bite, it gets to much for the program to handle. Maybe I could work something out to do this in a better way, but right now I stuck with my thoughts about why my loop doesn't work as I expect. I've looked into the code in my post again and I still can't see the reason why it takes so long time to roll through. The code is so small that
  8. No ideas? Something I should do different?
  9. Take a look at Schedule Activation and the option: "Other -The Other option lets you repetitively run a macro every XX number of minutes or seconds. The intervals can be between 1second and 99999 minutes and 59 seconds. If you schedule a macro to run every 1 second and the macro takes 5 seconds to execute, then this function will not operate properly. If you plan to use macros that will run more frequently than every 10 seconds, you will need to change the Scheduler Frequency default setting. The default instructs Macro Express to check every 10 seconds to see if a timed macro is ready to play
  10. Hi I've made a really simple macro that marks as many rows as I define when prompted and put it in a variable. But why is it so slow? It doesn't seem to help adjusting the general delay or even run the macro a 1000 times faster. Why is this? Is it because the use of variables? I've tried to run the macro against files on both lokal and serverplaces but it's the same result. The reason behind this is intresting for some of the other macros that I have made, so it would be nice if someone have a solution or could explain this to me. (The code is not normaly used with Excel but it is the
  11. Alans idea works fine in Excel, if you also add a new column that contains the formula =ROW. You then have the possibility to use the row number in a variable. Copy the number of the row e.g to N1. Use Alans "Text type <F5>" and then fit "TEXT TYPE:Sheet1!$A$%N1%" into referens. In other words jump to a specific column in a specific sheet. Regards.
  12. Ok, thanx for the information. My whipping went well, I got my license yesterday.
  13. Hi This is not an big issue but hotkey Keypad. (dot) should be Keypad, (comma) it changes to Keypad, (comma) when choosen. It seems to be like this with every hotkey Keypad, alternative that one could choose from in the list. (I know bug-reports shall be sent to ISS but I like the fact that you can see all the problems or bugs presented in this nice forum). Regards *Update 090114: I've now reported this as a cosmetic bug-report to ISS*
  14. Wo-Ha! Just got back from a month of and found out that MEP has come! Eureka! Now I'm chasing the purchaser to get me upgrade for 5 lic but they are so slooooow. So my question is how long before the regular price takes effect? Is it just to the end of this month? Regards -I must go now, I'm busy, must whip the purchaser....
  15. I suggest you take a look at Repeat start with Variable and Variable set integer/Set random value.
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