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Converting Text Variable Date To Date Format


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Ok... kind of confusing... I have 2 Text Variables that are as such:


T1 = 2/15/06


T2 = 3/23/06



What I want to do is... subtract T1 from T2 to get the amount of days between the two dates. Since these are text string variables... I cannot do math functions. I know the PGM functions can probably do this... but I need to try and find a way to do this without PGM for now. Any ideas?

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I used some ideas from PGM Library (ok... copied a small portion of the code)

That's exactly what the source code version is for - we're glad it was of use to you.


I would post it here... but feel that I would betray PGM to do so...

Quite right!

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I would post it here... but feel that I would betray PGM to do so..

Quite right!

In David, we Trust! :P


Unlike Dash in another post recently... I find hte open source of PGM to be an invaluable tool! This is the first instance where I have had to actually copy a small portion of code... But I will say that being able to read the PGM macros has helped me tremendously! If nothing else... I can see how others write macros and it gives me great ideas for my own.


So, I hereby declare... I, david, being of sound mind and of no affiliation with PGM Macros, announce that PGM Libraries are the greatest thing next to sliced bread and budwieser.

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