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On Error , open Teams /Send message

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MEP has error handling. Read the help file "Catch Error / End Catch Error" section. When you are editing a command, look at the top and see there is an "On Error" tab. 

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Macro Express has an "Email Send" command, which would eliminate the need to launch Teams or another program.


I've never used this feature, so tried it just now and couldn't make it work.


Perhaps if you know about MAPI, and about SMTP settings, perhaps you will have more success.

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I haven't looked at it in a long time so this might not be the case anymore, but I'll mention my experience long ago with this. 

I used the email function for a long time with good success, but then it stopped working when Microsoft required a TLS encryption. I don't think MEP supports SSL or TLS and there are no options for it. My fix was to use SendPulse. Provided you don't spend a large volume of email. it's a free SMTP server and didn't force the user to encrypt.

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