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Removing Mex License, Without Uninstall, How?


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Hi, is it possible to remove my MEX license, without uninstalling ME 3.5e ?


In menu: Help - License information, there is an option for change, however, if I try to remove my license info, ME returns an error.

My hope was that ME would stop working, like after expired trial period.


In registry, I found following key that maybe is the one?

However I didn't dare to try to delete it:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express\LRC


If it is possible, it would be nice to know :-)

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Hi kevin, as already mentioned in my first post, the "Change" option doesn't work. ME returns an error :-(


The reason? 2 weeks ago I started working on-site by a customer, using one of their computers.

So for now i'm using ME as trial, however in few weeks that would end. I looked after some license-terms and what I could find, was in menu: Help - License information


When ME trial are ended i consider that authorising ME on that computer, wouldn't violate ME license-terms, since that would be like transportation of 1 (one) ME license. I can clearly only be in one place at a time.

My problem is that i'm working 3 days per week by the customer, so I can't allow an authorised ME license to be on that computer, when i'm not there. That would violate license terms + another person would use the computer, where he could see my license code. I can't offcourse allow that, that is why I wish to remove my license registration, without un-install.


So I hope that you can give some hints about how to remove the license.


regards Lars

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One way would be as follows:-


Go to Options / Preferences / Passwords / Password on Edit


Click on [Change]


If you haven't previously set this password, skip 'Old Password' field and enter

your chosen password in 'New Password' field then confirm it, then click on [OK]

Click on [Apply] then [OK]


You should now end this session of ME by going to File / Terminate Macro Express Editor and Player


When you next start ME it will prompt for a password.


Alan, Kirkcaldy, UK

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Before my previous post we tested this and were able to delete the license by clearing both the License Name and License Code and then clicking OK. We had to dismiss 2 or 3 other dialogs. But, we were trying this with Macro Express v 3.6, not v 3.5e. So one option would be to upgrade.


With a little refinement, the suggestion by Alan Kirkcaldy to use passwords may work. As suggeested, it looks like you would need a password to access the Macro Express Editor but macros would still be able to play. You could create a new macro file without any macros in it and add a password to it. Then, if you remember to load that into Macro Express each time you leave, then macros would not run. And they could not change the macro file without first entering a password. This does, however, have limitations. Double clicking on a playable macro would run it and double clicking on another macro file would load it. To get around this you could keep the macro files on a removable drive.


Of course, the best solution would be to purchase a Macro Express license for that machine. :) It's very cheap compared with the cost of a computer and your time. ;)


We have been working on changes to Macro Express to allow it to run from a removable USB drive. This research and development has been slow, however, because of other priorities.

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