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1) Program Exit Values, 2) Big Filesizes


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1) Is there a way in ME to catch program exit values? e.g.: I use winrars command line with ME to split/archive files and then verify those rar files. I need to catch winrar's (and other program's I use) exit values to variable. e.g.: winrar exits with 0 if its successful.


2) Set integer variable from file's size is not adequate, as I mainly use big files (4-8 GB in size). Is there a way to get file size not in bytes or set NOT integer variable from filesize, so it could be used with big files?


P.S. I've got PGM functions too.

Thanks in advance.

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On the first question there is a crude workaround. When the command runs direct the output to a text file instead of screen. Then process that file to get your results.


I can't wait for #2....

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